Talespinners: a brief history

Talespinners was formed in 2001 and Its first production in April 2002 was ‘Confusions’, a series of five one-act plays by Alan Ayckbourn, one of which, ‘Gosforth’s Fete’ went on to win for the Talespinners a Best Supporting Role award for Dot Pritchard at the group’s first One Act Festival. 

Later the same year the group staged the first performance of Bringing Back the Bluestones a comedy based on a campaign by the (fictitious) group Carreg Las that planned to return Stonehenge’s bluestones to Pembrokeshire. A premise that won national press coverage, not to say notoriety, for the play.

In 2003, The Talespinners presented another set of One Act comedies – two by Frank Vickery and one by David Tristram. 

In spring 2004 the group presented three more one-act comedies, including another Alan Ayckbourn play ‘A Cut in the Rates, which was entered in the Pembrokeshire One Act Festival at the Torch Theatre in May and picked up two awards – for the Best Newcomer (Maggy Roberts) and Best Presentation.

Caramba’s Revenge by William Norfolk, which was presented at the Queen’s Hall Narberth in September 2004.  This won Best Presentation and Best Supporting Actor at that year’s awards.

In April 2005, Narberth Talespinners presented three one-act comedies on  – shop for Charity by Charles Mander, What’s for Pudding by David Tristram and The Fat Lady Sings by David Tristram.

2006 saw another trio of one-act plays presented at the Queens Hall, Narberth: You can’t fight city Hall, Bren by Pam Valentine, In by the Half, by Jimmie Chinn, and A Betrothal by Lanford Wilson. 

In 2007, Talespinners picked up the Best Presentation Award at the One Act Festival held in April at the deValence Pavilion, Tenby.

The following year the group picked up two! Roger Leese was awarded the Adjudicator's Award and Maggie Blumsen was delighted to win Best Supporting Actress in their production of Celebulite, written by director Derek Webb, which went on to be performed at the Grand Theatre, Swansea by Fluellen Theatre company.

Talespinners 2009 productions were Figuring Things, which they also entered in the one act festival, and The Worst Day of My Life in which newcomers Colin Litster and Katherine Hannah made their debut.

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